The Polish kindergarten has been operating since 2008. It is one of the most important projects carried out by the Association of Parents of the Polish School in Luxembourg.

Our kindergarten offers cultural and educational activities for young children. It is the only initiative of this type in the region. Each year the preschool welcomes over 50 children from Luxembourg, but also from neighboring countries: France, Belgium and Germany. Currently, six qualified teachers take care of the education of children who are divided into three age groups (three, four and five year olds).

Activities are weekly (Saturdays). Every year children have also the opportunity to participate in cultural and educational events such as:

• an outing to the theater,
• St. Nicholas,
• a Christmas art competition,
• the carnival ball,
• the Easter market,
• Parents' Day,
• Children's Day,
• an excursion.

The preschool teaches the Polish language, Polish customs and traditions and integrates children into the Polish environment. The program aims to prepare children to continue learning in the Polish school.

Our kindergarten gives them the opportunity to experience the pleasure of learning the Polish language, develops a sense of national identity, broadens their horizons, arouses their interest in the world and allows them to play with Polish friends.